Alien Apocalypse


Since the appearance of this amazing enigmatic tech-savvy world, the admiration of action games has amplified manifolds over-time. Since the past periods, with the appearance of smartphones, a lot of these thrilling action games have been combined into the App-store and Google Play. As a result of which, the Alien Apocalypse has to turn out to be further suitable for the individuals to just download them from such places into their new IOS or Android devices and start frolicking.

The Alien Apocalypse game is all about a solitary personality, popularly named Zambo. Who requires saving this globe from the fury of the Extra-terrestrials who are setting up their foundations in the capitals, townships, and the wildernesses. The amazing guy, Zambo is an exceedingly gifted fighter and is the final hope of our human race before going to despair. His solitary handling of weapons and the situation can exterminate thousands of Martians with his arms, bazookas, flamethrowers, and other sophisticated firearms. He even has an exceptionally influential buddy, an automaton individual called 'Pulper' who at no time leaves his side and stands with him in every single combat. Their assignment is to pursue and extinguish all the alien spaceships and protect the globe.

In this far-reaching world, where individuals barely get the period to employ time with each other, due to the extreme labor stress and time limitation, such intriguing action games have been dubbed as stress-busters. You will find it particularly pleasing and forthcoming, as it has a short background story beforehand the jolt of every mission.

  • The diversity of weaponries and assignment will start getting intensified and will deliver a very attractive interpretation from the players. The game becomes more stimulating with each transitory level as you can renovate yourself with afresh unlocked weapons.
  • The new-fangled unified 3D animatronics is like a graphic delicacy for all the gamers who like to play Alien Apocalypse. It's one of the best-looking sorts of the game as the novel 3-Dimensional animatronics brands it more alluring and energetic for the observers, providing a graphic treat.
  • The game is vastly user-friendly and is attractive not only for young ones but even for elders as well.
  • You can become into the computer robot mode when you feel like the level is a bit threatening for Zambo alone, to mark a change, take the assistance of the 'Pulper' and convert into an unconquerable force and get concerted armaments to complete the operation.

It's an unusually attractive game, even though it desires some improvement. A bit concerning when it comes to its content associated with other Alien games. But undoubtedly, the photographic possessions and the character Zambo, in the game, merely are the show-stoppers. Furthermore, owing to its likable painterly pleasure, it has been moderately widespread amongst the youth. Once you download the game, you will get fastened to it once and for all.

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